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For some people with a mental illness, and their family/whanau, crisis situations may occur.

It is important to be aware of whom to contact should this occur.

Being prepared for a crisis situation:

Be aware and familiar with any treatment, relapse management and/or crisis plans available for the person with the mental illness.

Become familiar with any early warning signs that may indicate the person is becoming unwell.

Take action as soon as it is evident the person is becoming unwell, such as:

  • Contact the person's G.P.
  • Contact the person's Community Key Worker or any member of the treatment team.
  • Discuss the worsening symptoms and seek advice as to the appropriate course of action. In many cases they may be able to help avoid a crisis developing.
  • In other cases they can help to plan how the crisis can be managed with minimal effect on the person or the family/whanau


If the situation becomes unmanageable


Phone the Crisis Team FREE PHONE  0508 277 478

If the person with mental illness or anyone else is in danger then contact the Police directly.

Dial 111 and ask for the Police

Once the Police have been contacted, phone the Crisis Team

Phone the Crisis Team FREE PHONE  0508 277 478

(They may be able to assist Police in working with the person involved.)

It is possible the Police will contact the Crisis Team themselves.

If the person with the mental illness requires emergency medical treatment - then contact the ambulance service directly.

Dial 111 and ask for the ambulance

Once the Ambulance Service has been contacted, it is possible the Emergency Department will contact the Crisis Team.

During regular business hours the best person to speak to is the person's Community Key Worker or GP.  They will be able to support and advise on the next steps.

If the situation becomes a crisis - call the Crisis Team - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Phone the Crisis Team FREE PHONE  0508 277 478

This team is available for people who are in a crisis:

  • Who are not currently a client of the Mental Health Service, or
  • Who are receiving mental health services but their treatment team does not operate after hours or on weekends.


The team is fully mobile, covers the Taranaki region and responds to psychiatric emergencies in the person's home or wherever the crisis occurs. At times the team will be involved with other crisis calls.  In this instance, the team will assess and prioritise their calls.

If you are unsure whether the situation is a crisis, please discuss this over the phone with them and they will help you decide the next steps.  This may involve discussing management of the crisis team with the person or their family/whanau or visiting the person and family wherever the person may be or asking them to come to the Emergency Department for a more thorough assessment of their current situation.


If you need to talk to someone

Lifeline 0800 543 354

Youthline 0800 376 633

Samaritans 0800 726 666


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