What is Gambling Addiction/Problem Gambling?

Some indicators of problem gambling:

A questionnaire to evaluate gambling behaviours.

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the following questions, it would be useful to monitor and formulate safeguards for your gambling behaviours.

What are the warning signs?

Who is at Risk?

Problem gambling develops quickly...

Three per cent of the population has a problem with gambling. There are serious outcomes for this group, which often includes the loss of their house, job and life.

People who play pokies are more likely to develop problems. Over 80% of people who seek help identify pokies as their primary mode of gambling.

Regular and continuous modes of gambling are likely to be the most harmful.

More vulnerable groups are often more at risk. These groups include people who are depressed, lonely, trying to win money to pay off debts, escaping from problems, from low socio-economic areas, or have other compulsions. They are at greater risk if they start to gamble.

People who start to gamble and have a 'big win' can have unrealistic expectations about gambling. The bottom line is that the house will always win and the odds are always in favour of the house. There is no skill involved in playing 'pokie' machines.

The following are some strategies that may be helpful.

Why Gamblers seek help

What can others do to help?

Effective Interventions

Effective Services

Outcomes in New Zealand

Around 80% of clients benefit from face to face counselling services.

Barriers to seeking help:

Not all people who develop a problem with gambling resort to criminal behaviour.
Most problem gamblers, when not gambling, are productive, active, reliable members of society.
Many problem gamblers seek help and effectively overcome the problem.
A supportive environment is one way to help them achieve this.

Talk to some one about it on:

Problem Gambling Foundation Hotline:
Telephone: 0800 664 262

Taranaki Branch of the New Zealand Gambling Foundation:
Free and Confidential Services.

Counsellor /Health Promoter
Sandi Cummings (B.A. Couns, MNZAC)
Kings Building, 36 Devon Street West,
P.O. Box 8018, New Plymouth
Tel: 06 7696020
Mob: 027 787 1817

Support and information is also available from:

Counselling Services
56 Disraeli Street

Counselling Services
Stratford Community House,

52 Juliet St, Stratford

For information or to make an appointment call 0800 664 262

Visit the Problem Gambling Foundation website

E-mail Problem Gambling Foundation

Problem Gambling Foundation,
P.O. Box 8021
Symonds Street
Tel: 09 368 1520

The information within this document has been compiled with the help of the Taranaki branch of The Problem Gambling Foundation who in turn acknowledge the work of Focal Research Ltd. Straight facts - about gambling.


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