Goals of Acute Home Based Treatment


Admission Criteria for Acute Home Based Treatment

Consideration is given to assessment, treatment and care in the least restrictive environment, consistent with the Tangata Whaiora/consumer's needs and presentation during time of crisis to ensure AHBT is the most suitable treatment option while considering the safety of staff, consumer and others. 

Consideration is given to consumers/Tangata Whaiora would likely require inpatient treatment in the absence of an AHBT Service.

AHBT referrals will be considered for individuals:



- Anger, aggression, violence that may put themselves and others at risk
- Intellectual difficulties
- Learning difficulties, conduct disorder
- Eating disorders
- Criminal activities and anti-social behaviours not related to mental illness
- Alcohol and drug abuse as the primary presentation. (Consumers with a Dual diagnosis
   will be treated in partnership with the AOD Service)
- Brain damage or other organic disorders, including dementia