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ACCESS RADIO TARANAKI - Today's host, Virginia Winder, talks with Sue Philipson, from New Plymouth's Family Eating Disorder Support Group, and Francesca Aldridge, a registered clinical nutritionist, about eating disorders, especially in young people. Topics covered include how to spot an eating disorder, the effects of diets, body image, food awareness and food as medicine.

Duration: 01:04:58 | Date: 8 November, 2019

Discussing issues around the use of alcohol and drugs around Christmas time with Team Leader of Alcohol and Drugs Services at Tui Ora Ltd, Pene Te Puni.
"The Importance of Culture to our  Mental Health" Matua Tony Waru and Whaia Kume Leilua
Creativity - Gordon Hudson and Sheldon Brown interview Wayne Morris on Creativity
Patient Rights - What the basic Patient Rights are and how they apply to the individual
Stress - Wayne Morris discusses Stress and how to cope with it
Take it From Us - Like Minds Taranaki interviews Sheldon Brown from Planet FM's show
WITT - Like Minds Taranaki interviews WITT Mental Health Support Worker's Certificate Tutor & Students
Writers Group 1 - Members of the "Writers Having Inspirational Moments" Group share their work
Writers Group 2
Youth Suicide - Sheldon Brown from Planet FM interviews Maria Bradshaw of CASPER on Youth Suicide
Suicide Prevention - Let's start the conversation and step up the action
Don Paratene - Taranaki Consumer Advisory Group
Mental Health Support Workers Certificate - WITT - Kathleen Mary
Tangata Whaiora - Speaking of their experiences of mental illness
Dr Samir Heble - Depression
Dr Samir Heble - Presentation on Stress and Coping - includes a meditation

Problem Gambling - When is Gambling a 'problem' and where can one get help


Like Minds Taranaki has recorded several presentations made to the public by ourselves and other service providers that may be of interest to you.
Research shows up to half of Wellington teenagers have engaged in some sort of self injurious behaviour by the time they are 18 and GPs and guidance counsellors report a spike in such behaviour among teens in post quake Christchurch.
For parents the revelation their child has deliberately self-harmed, often in the solitary secrecy of their bedroom at home using simple household objects is a profound shock.
Radio New Zealand's Sally Round talks to young people who have engaged in this form of self harm as well as those caring for them and asks whether enough is being done to build resilience among New Zealand's youth.
Public Presentation during MHAW 2014 "Managing Stress in the Workplace" by TDHB Professional Leader of Psychology Drew Hignett and "Workplace Bullying" by Ally McCullagh from McCullagh Consulting.

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