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Employment Matters

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to this Employment Matters section.

Like Minds Taranaki place particular emphasis on programmes and projects including:

  • Promoting Mental Health
  • Demystifying Mental Illness
  • Countering Stigma and Discrimination whenever and wherever it occurs


We undertake a wide range of specific projects and programmes that cover the above:

Like Minds Taranaki facilitated the editing, printing and distribution of a 64 page guidebook titled:

"Employment:  Taking the First Step - Guidebook for Jobseekers with Health Issues"

This Guidebook is about: (click here to download - for a physical copy please contact Workwise phone: 06 757 3831)

  • Many, many jobseekers have experienced a serious health issue at some time in their lives. Physical, emotional and psychological problems are really common and can affect anyone.


  • Everyone has skills and abilities that make them valuable to employers - regardless of age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexuality or mental health status.


  • The fact that someone has, or had, a mental illness or disability says nothing about their ability to do a particular job. Look at John Kirwan, Mark Ingliss, Winston Churchill, Mahinarangi Tocker, Mike Chunn and thousands of others who have achieved great success and respect.


  • If you are a jobseeker with health issues, there may be some extra challenges along the way, but with determination and support, you can achieve your own goals at your own pace.


Helpful organisations and resources are out there, but people don't always know about them. This guidebook aims to provide information to assist jobseekers take their first steps into employment. It has been written with jobseekers for jobseekers. It may also contain helpful information for advocates, employment consultants, employers and staff of health, welfare and community services.

There are many wonderful organisations in Taranaki that provide support and information on job seeking for people with health issues and due to lack of space we have been able to list just some of the many resources available.

These contacts are designed specifically to help, support and guide YOU...and contact made with any one of these resources will lead you to where your specific needs require you to be on your journey of ... Taking the First Step...

Ma mahi ka ora  - Work brings health - (Maori proverb)

"The distance doesn't matter; it is only the first step that is difficult"

- Marquise de Deffand



Like Minds Taranaki has taken a keen interest in creating awareness about workplace bullying and has been involved with a number of workshops about this topic.


For more comprehensive advice and information on workplace bullying visit the websites below:




Websites of Vocational Interest

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