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Mindful Ways

Rosa Edwards - fast track quest for enlightenment turned inot a harrowing psychotic journey.

Carolyn Penn - DBT worked for Carolyn and put her on the path to recovery.

Nichola Smith - the art of resilience.

Tom Gibson - Uses his own skills and experiences of managing his own mental health to benefit others.

An interview with Dick Thomas who had to give up work in his 50's due to severe short term memory loss caused by stress.  He talks of his experiences and what has worked for him to avoid stress and to keep his mind active.

An interview with Stacey Waterson on the benefits of creativity and art therapy in relation to mental health.

An interview with Jimi Hunt - creator of Live More Awesome - the depression-busting  charity formed to inspire others to be more than they are.

Rawinia Young has been sober and clean for 15 months but her road to recovery has been long, hard and life-changing - and it's ongoing.  Our manager, Virginia, talks to Rawinia about her personal journey to wellness.

Karen Wehle's battle with discrimination inspired her to help others.  Karen runs a peer support facility called Harmony House where people on the journey to recovery can go for time out or to give their carers a rest.

Virginia interviews Kerry Babbage from MATES in this weeks Mindful Ways.

Susan Strongman's article on Turn the Living Page

An interview with Kaysha Pennial who has Asperger's syndrome.

McHayla Brinkley wants to help others through her own story.

An interview with Graham Skellern, chairman of the Matt Skellern Bipolar Trust, a trust established to inspire new and effective support for people with bipolar. Graham's son Matt took his own life last year while in the depths of depression and after fighting his inner battles of living with the intense ups and downs of bipolar.

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