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Acute Home Based Treatment Team

Te Puna Waiora and Pathways Trust jointly established a multi-disciplinary
Acute Home Based Treatment (AHBT) Team in 2007.
The AHBT Service provides time-limited and responsive home-based assessments and treatment to clients experiencing a severe mental health crisis.
Acute illness is always disruptive and AHBT is provided in the least restrictive environment as an alternative to an inpatient admission, aiming to minimise disruption of daily lives and social networks.
The service is provided between 9.00 and 8.30, 7 days per week by Registered Nurses, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist; Psychologist and Community Support Workers in conjunction with the Sector Psychiatrists.

Referrals to AHBT are done by the Multidisciplinary Teams and Psychiatrist.

Click here for AHBT Goals of Treatment and Admission Criteria

Te Puna Waiora and Te Whare Puawai O Te Tangata Trust established and manages two joint ventures,
Te Whare Whakaahuru and Oranga Ngatahi
Te Whare Whakaahuru (TWW) is a 24 hour, four bedded residential facility in the community for service users with high and complex needs.
TWW provides clinical, rehabilitative and cultural care, transitioning clients back into less-dependent community living.
Central to Te Whare Whakaahuru is Te Pataka, the model of service provision - one of the principles of Te Pataka is working from a common values base, where there is agreement around what is best for the client and a commitment to understanding each other's values.
Open communication and relationships are pivotal to the success of Te Whare Whakaahuru's service development and delivery.
TPW is responsible for the clinical service delivery and TWP for the Residential Rehabilitation delivery and daily operations and contributes culturally to the partnership as an established Kaupapa Maori provider.  Clients are referred by the Inpatient Team and all admissions are planned.
Oranga Ngatahi physical outcomes program supports services users with fitness and healthy living, to manage the effects of their illness.
The service is designed to close the "gap" between physical and mental health needs as well as providing socialisation opportunities.
Activities include gym workouts, walking, sports group and eco-therapy, while supporting smoking reduction and improved diet/lifestyle.
The program is for mental health service users and referrals are accepted from all clinical MH team members and General Practitioners.  The program is delivered in North and South Taranaki.


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