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Acute Mental Health Services

Taranaki District Health Board Acute Mental Health Services

The Acute MH Services consist of:

Te Puna Waiora (TPW),
Acute Home Based Treatment (AHBT),
Crisis Team (CT),
Te Whare Whakaahuru (TWW) and
Oranga Ngatahi (ON). 

The principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, partnership, protection and participation, provide the framework for the planning and delivering of treatment in the Acute Services. 

An acute crisis for an individual and/or their whanau and carers may be a critical turning point, presenting both opportunity and risk. 

Successful and timely resolution of the crisis requires a collaborative approach between clients, family/whanau and clinicians, making the best use of all available resources. 

Treatment options for clients in crisis include admission to TPW, short term respite or referral to AHBT.  Services are delivered in partnership with local Maori Providers e.g. Te Rau Pani and Te Whare Puawai.

Te Puna Waiora is a 24 hour, 23 bed Acute Inpatient Unit catering for clients in need of acute mental health care, either  on a voluntarily or compulsorily basis. 

TPW has 19 adult in-patient beds and 4 Intensive Psychiatric Care (IPC) beds. 

IPC is a locked, secure area and only admits clients under the MHA.  The unit consists of single bed rooms, interview and group therapy rooms. 

The TPW Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) consists of:

MOSS, (Medical Officer Special Scale)
Registered Nurses,
Clinical Nurse Educator,
Maori Mental Health Worker,
Social Worker,
Occupational Therapist,
Speciality Nurse,
Coexisting Disorders,
House Surgeon,
Psychiatric Assistants and

Ward Clerk.

MDT members aim to work alongside people with mental health issues and/or substance dependence and their Whanau - minimizing stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness while working towards recovery focused goals.

Clients/Tangata Whaiora can only be admitted to the Inpatient Unit by a Psychiatrist

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The Mental Health Crisis Service responds to psychiatric emergencies across the Taranaki DHB region. 

Reasons for crisis calls vary from a need of support or advice to assessment and facilitation the MHA requirements. 

All Crisis Team members are Duly Authorised Officers, appointed by the DAHMS. 

Crisis calls may be made by the service users, their whanau, and any concerned member of the public, health providers. 

Assistance is often provided to General Practitioners and the Police. 

The 24 hour, 7 day per week Crisis Services is provided by the Crisis Team, Mental Health Consult Liaison Nurse and the Night Triage Nurses, supported by the Kaupapa Maori Crisis and Assessment Team. 

The Crisis Service responds to psychiatric emergencies in the community between the hours of 0900 and 2330.  Between the hours of 2330 and 0900 phone support is available only unless clients attend the Emergency Department where full assessment and crisis resolution is available through the Night Triage Nurse.

How does the Crisis Service Work?

Crisis Respite

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