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How does the Crisis Team Work

8.00 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday

Current Clients of Mental Health and Addictions services should contact their Key Worker.

New Clients / Clients without a Key Worker should contact the Crisis Team if the need is urgent. Alternatively, clients should contact their current GP.

Evenings/ Weekends / Public Holidays

For all Clients - The Crisis Team is the first point of contact. Free Phone 0508 277 478

During these times all incoming calls are assessed and prioritised for risk, this is a continual process of prioritisation, and people for whom the Mental Health Act is likely to be initiated, are given first priority.

Risk is where there is a possibility of harm to the person or the person harming others.

Equally, if someone comes to the Emergency Department and is distressed, they are prioritised below someone who may be experiencing distress in the Community.

The risk is reduced for the person in E.D, as they are in a safe place, where they can be monitored and cared for, whereas the person in the Community is at greater risk.

There is a night time "Triage Nurse" with specific responsibility for helping clients experiencing mental distress. The nurse is available to see clients in ED if there is some level of urgency or risk. This service commences at 11.15 pm and works through till 8.30am.

Points to Remember re: How the Crisis Team Works

The Crisis team geographically cover the whole of Taranaki, and are based at Taranaki Base Hospital with two Co-workers on shift at any one time.

  • Response time is directed by a continual process of prioritisation.
  • The Crisis Team responds to people calling from the Community.
  • The Crisis Team also visits people who have been put into Police Cells if the Police believe there may be a mental health issue.
  • The Crisis Team also 'follow up' people for up to seven days.
  • The Crisis Team also 'follow up' Community MH Team Clients outside of office hours if the person's Key Worker has concern's for their Client's wellbeing.

The Crisis Team also spend time helping Clients of the Community MH Team who may be being brought under the Mental Health Act (liaising with Client, GP, Police).

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