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Services for the Elderly

Services for the Elderly are well developed in Taranaki with recent research indicating that the elderly in Taranaki are generally content with their lifestyle and availability of services.

Services range from the Taranaki District Health Board multi-disciplined community mental health team. This provides specialist assessment and treatment outpatient clinics as well as home based intervention for the elderly. Approximately 80% of patients are seen in their own homes.
The community team currently consists of a psychogeriatrician, clinical psychologist, medical officer, mental health nurses, social worker, a part time occupational therapist and an early intervention project worker. Together the team very effectively undertakes full responsibility for the more acute mental health needs of these over the age of 65 years in Taranaki.

Private rest homes and hospitals provide a wide range of general and specialist services and an enormous range of community support services are available throughout Taranaki.

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