Promoting mental health, demystifying mental illness, countering stigma and discrimination

Accessing Mental Health Services

If you are concerned about your own or another person's health please :

  • Contact your doctor, or
  • Contact a private health professional (e.g. Counsellor) or
  • Contact Webhealth - Linkage - see below
  • Telephone one of the services listed for information on how to get an appointment

Information about these services can be directly accessed by clicking on the underlined service.

People with experience of mental illness are welcome to bring their family/whanau, other support people, or an advocate with them when they use any of the following services.

Taranaki Mental Health Services

Taranaki DHB provides a range of specialist mental health services throughout the region.

The Taranaki Mental Health Service consists of five distinct areas:


Consumer Advisory and Advocacy Support Groups


General Practitioners

Kaupapa Maori Specialist Mental Health Services:

Providing the following Services:

  • Advocacy and Peer Support for Tangata Whaiora
  • Alcohol and Drug Counselling and Education
  • Child and Adolescents
  • Community Mental Health Nursing
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Early Intervention and First Time Psychosis
  • Foetal Alcohol Services
  • Health Promotion
  • Kaumatua
  • Koro and Kuia Whanau Services
  • Meaningful Activity Programmes
  • Needs Assessment
  • Service Coordination
  • Tohunga

For further information please refer to:  Tui Ora Ltd Website

Forensic Services - Health Waikato Regional Forensic Services - Tel: 07 8398641

Other Ministry of Health and/or Public Health funded Providers of Services in Taranaki:
Accommodation and Support Services

Health Promotion:

Taranaki District Health Board (Health Promotion)

Toiora Healthy Lifestyles Ltd

Legal and Justice Support Services(coming soon)

Meaningful Activity/Pre-vocational and Vocational Providers(coming soon)

Mental Health Services for Older People

"Other Local, Regional and Central Government Support Agencies"

WEBHEALTH - Linkage (Taranaki)


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Taranaki Mental Health Sector