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Crisis Respite for Service Users & Carer Support

Crisis Respite is available for clients who have been assessed by their Community Key Worker or by the MH Crisis Team and are requiring extra support for a variety of reasons.

Crisis Respite can only be arranged through the MH Crisis Team.

Clients accessing Crisis Respite need to sign a contract agreeing to abide to the conditions of Respite. Clients must have a return address to return to when respite ends.

Respite placements are approved for 2 nights but may be extended after a further clinical review.
Crisis Respite cannot be arranged in advance and it needs to be able to resolve the current crisis.

At times it is used as an alternative to admission if relevant criteria are met.

Clients can not arrange their own Crisis Respite, this can only occur after an assessment by either the Crisis Team or Key Worker.

Some clients have allocated Carer Respite days which allow the caregivers to arrange for placement in a respite facility. This is a separate process to Crisis Respite and is accessed via the Key Worker.

Current Respite Facilities.

Tui Ora

Manna Healing Centre



Carer Support:

Carer support is a limited resource available only to those people who receive no less than four hours per day, or, full time caring by a person who is an unpaid carer, and living with the person who suffers from a mental illness.

Provision of this level of care, the Consumer would not be able to reside in their home.

It is not available to those people who reside in residential care. The ministry of health has defined the access criteria. Occasionally in the past, it has been possible to secure an exemption to the access criteria from the Ministry of Health for a small number of individuals. This has become more difficult to achieve and cannot be assured of success.

The purpose of Carer Support is to provide people who are involved with the daily care giving of consumers to have planned breaks - respite. It is expected to be utilized as a part of the overall care or management plan. It is not intended to be utilized as an option for crisis respite. Applications should be made in advance of carer support being accessed, not retrospectively.

Taranaki Health's Mental Health Service Social Workers Tel: 06 753 6139 or Tu Tama Wahine Needs Assessors Tel: 06 758 5795 complete an application for Carer Support, recommending the number of days per year that the application is made for.

Carer Support can be utilised in the following ways:

Respite Care - Where the consumer goes to another setting to receive necessary care. Consumers and their caregiver can choose where they receive respite.

Often people utilize a vacant bed within a residential provider or rest home; alternative family members; Manna Healing Centre, The Haven etc.

Domiciliary Support - Including personal care services and household management provided on a continuous or intermittent basis in the consumer's home to allow the primary carer to have a break from the caring role.


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